Green, reduce the development of plastic packaging industry

2018-04-12 15:23:48

As is known to all, oil is a non-renewable and scarce resource. The imbalance of oil reserves among countries and the predatory exploitation by developed countries have become an important factor causing unrest in the world situation. Therefore, developing biodegradable materials and reducing the consumption of petrochemical resources has gradually become the consensus of all countries, especially developed countries. In recent years, the development of related technology is very rapid, and more and more bioplastics appear in the field of packaging. The rapid development of industry has greatly improved people's living standards, but it has caused serious environmental problems at the same time. For packaging, it is imperative to accelerate the development and application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and materials. As an environmental protection plastic product, biodegradable plastic is becoming a global focus of research and development, but also hidden huge business opportunities.

The cure for "white pollution" is biodegradable plastics

Packaging materials mostly belong to disposable products, short life. In order to reduce the impact of packaging waste (commonly known as "white pollution") on the environment, waste reduction treatment has become one of the development directions of plastic packaging. In the process of reduction, biodegradable materials play a leading role. Weng Yunxuan, secretary general of the National Standardization Technical Committee on Biodegradable Materials and biodegradable Products, said that with the increasingly severe environmental problems, the application of biodegradable materials in packaging has been more and more respected and in recent years, the demand for biodegradable materials in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has maintained a rapid growth.